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USD 2,71


I am delighted to present you my first indie game:

"BLOBLOCKS: a strange introspection",
a puzzle/puzzling game developed with love and care.

★ Game-Play:

In Bloblocks you have to destroy groups of colored blocks. Touch a group to make it explode, rotate the world or swap blocks to optimize your explosions but beware that your moves are limited and some blocks don’t behave like expected.

★ Features:

- Addictive Arcade mode,
- Interesting Puzzle Mode with 50 puzzles of reasonable difficulty,
- A strange story composed 8 black and white artworks,
- 3 basic actions: Rotate world, Swap, Destroy,
- 5 kinds of colored blocks,
- 13 extra kinds of blocks to make your journey more interesting,
- In game achievements,
- Music track from http://www.nosoapradio.us,
- 100% passionate indie work,
- A strange message of introspection!

★ Arcade mode:

A fun and addictive mode where you try to survive and achieve the greatest score possible.
In arcade mode you have to harvest options and pass score checkpoints to survive.
As soon has Google create its own GameCenter the mode will be linked to it for competition :)

★ Puzzle mode:

This mode contains [50] levels using the game mechanics to challenge your brain.
In puzzle mode, you have to find the good moves which will group colored blocks together and make them explode.
Clear the board of every colored blocks to win the level.
The puzzle mode unlocks story artworks, win all levels to get the full story.

★ Game's message:

I tried to pour something special into this game.
Because I would like Bloblocks' players to become greater human beings the game convey a message of introspection and evolution.
However it is easy to ignore it and play a hopefully good little puzzle game. :)

I really hope you will enjoy Bloblocks. If you like it, please share the word around you!

Thank you for your support and do not hesitate to contact me!

Mr Laurent Bedubourg.

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