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Spoty Location Reminder

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2.0 o superior
1.000 - 5.000
USD 1,83

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Location based reminder,location alert,call blocker,change profiles.
Never again will your phone ring at the cinema,or at meetings.Change ringtone and vibration,wifi and bluetooth.No spam calls during office hours or at night. Block calls, remind yourself to buy something when you're near the store or send SMS to friends/family near a location.

Battery usage of our application is minimal,it is the GPS chip that is causing the drainage. You can disable within the App's Settings and we also have many many settings to preserve the battery, you just need to set it up!

Please restart the background service after each version update by long pressing the home icon. If you also use some kind of task manager add Spoty to it's whitelist or disable it.


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To test the app initially:
- Make sure you have enabled both Location providers in Android Settings (for best results)
- Press the current location icon and wait for your your location to be found,add a Spot and a Reminder by pressing the Home icon.
- Restart (if running) or Start the Service by long pressing on the Home icon.
- A reminder will fire, if not email us and we will assist you.

✔ Add Spots either by double taping on the map and moving the pushpin, searching for an address, picking address from your phonebook or using your current position and add reminders, change profiles or block calls for this position
✔ You could either choose to use GPS or Coarse (Cell Tower or Wifi) positioning, with both being set up by you. You can choose time intervals and distance for each location update and your battery will thank you for that.
✔ Send SMS to someone when you are at the current spot or when you leave it.
✔ Enable start, end time, days of week and if you want to fire the events when you enter or leave a current location.
✔ Choose the radius for each Spot its category and color flag.
✔ Notifications include normal Android notifications and a custom alert dialog.
✔ Block all calls at your office for instance, or choose to allow from your address book, block restricted numbers, white and blacklists and delete the traces from the call history log.
✔ Sleeping in the bus or train and missing the station?No problem, set an alarm and add a Spot and a radius and you will be notified right on time before you have to take off!

✔ New-custom locations. Add Spots based on current WiFi connected or WiFi/Cell Towers in Range. Please read the FAQ section for best practices.
✔ You can now drag and drop the pushpin for a more precise way to add a Spot
✔ You are now presented with the ability to enter a Battery level, below which the app will not use the GPS chip. Once you charge your phone the GPS positioning will fire again and you will not have to worry about missing Spots.
✔ You can also disable the GPS for a time range of the day . A good example is if you're at the office and would like to disable GPS if you're not using Spoty for that proximity. You can enter 9-17( use ; for multiple ranges) and the app will stop using GPS and save your battery and will fire once again when you leave the office. Another good example is while you sleep
✔ You can add GPS timeout - Spoty will look for a GPS fix for a certain amount of time and stop if no fix is found - saves battery. After a period of time Spoty will try again and look for location.
✔ The app automatically knows if you're staying at the same place for too long and disables the GPS chip and enables it if you leave your location

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Spoty Location Reminder
Spoty Location Reminder
Spoty Location Reminder
Spoty Location Reminder
Spoty Location Reminder
Spoty Location Reminder
Spoty Location Reminder
Spoty Location Reminder


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