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Smart Volume Profile Manager

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Tired of MANUALLY adjust your phone's Ringer Mode and Volumes everyday when you go to work or classes, and adjust again after leaving?
Ever experienced embarrassing loud rings in the middle of meetings or classes, or missed calls after leaving because you forgot to adjust the Ringer Mode?

Say goodbye to these embarrassing situations, let Smart Volume Profile Manager take care of it!

Smart Volume Profile Manager is a locale aware AUTOMATIC profile manager that AUTOMATICALLY adjusts your phone’s Ringer Mode and All Volumes based on LOCATION+TIME.


** Please give it a 5 star if you like the app, thank you very much. **

For example, set your phone to adjust its Ringer Mode to Vibrate when you arrive at the office or classroom, and revert to Normal after leaving (need DEFAULT profiles to revert).

Smart Volume Profile Manager automatically activates your predefined phone profiles based on the triggering rules you set.

Profile Triggering rules:
- Name(s) (SSIDs) of the Wi-Fi network(s) found in range*
- Day(s) of the week
- Time span of the day

* If multiple profiles have EXACTLY SAME time settings (e.g. Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa, 0:00 AM - 11:59 PM) and SAME number of Wi-Fi network(s), the profile that has the strongest specified Wi-Fi signal(s) in range will be selected.

Profile Settings:
- Ringer mode [Normal/Vibrate/Silent]
- Ringer volume
- Notification volume
- System volume
- Alarm volume
- Media volume
- Voice call volume

To accommodate most practical use cases and save your battery life, Smart Volume Profile Manager does not use GPS to detect your location.


Profiles are prioritized based on triggering rules' specificity to provide an intuitive way for solving conflicts. When conditions meet two or more profiles' triggering rules, the one that has the highest priority will be selected.

A profile's priority is determined by:
- Number of Wi-Fi network(s) (more Wi-Fi => higher priority)
- Number of days of week (less days => higher priority)
- Time span of day (less time => higher priority)


You can create TIME-BASED ONLY profiles to let Smart Volume Profile Manager to take care of your Ringer and Volumes settings anytime anywhere by not specifying Wi-Fi network(s).

When no other LOCATION+TIME BASED profiles (e.g. office, classroom, etc.) are detected, these TIME-BASED ONLY profiles function as DEFAULT ones to REVERT back settings.

To learn more about the app, go to the official homepage at http://intofan.com/smarterprofiles/

FOR FASTER RESPONSE AND BETTER SUPPORT, please email your feedback/bug report DIRECTLY to android@intofan.com, thank you.

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Smart Volume Profile Manager
Smart Volume Profile Manager
Smart Volume Profile Manager
Smart Volume Profile Manager
Smart Volume Profile Manager
Smart Volume Profile Manager
Smart Volume Profile Manager
Smart Volume Profile Manager


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