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Business Plan IQ Test: Velosus

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Rapidly test and discover the "IQ" of your business ideas and plans with Velosus RX Pro. Get easy-to-use, automated help and structured advice on business planning and strategic management.

Research shows that elaborate business plans are largely a waste of your time. But it is vital to establish a few well-considered ideas and data points before launching a new commercial idea or venture.

In under 2 minutes, you can enter incisive data on your business ideas. You then receive an instant rating, on four success-critical dimensions, along with feedback and insights to sharpen your strategic thinking and planning.

Velosus is based on the experience of training over 1000 entrepreneurs, helping to raise over $375m of funding for new ventures, and 20 years of work and research in strategic management, finance, business planning, eCommerce and entrepreneurship.

Velosus builds on pressure-tested and proven methods.

You can create and save as many idea-tests and ratings as you like.

You get an e-book’s worth of in-app feedback, analysis and supporting content with each rating.


How do I know it will work for me?

This system has been applied, by Dr. Matthew S. Checkley and team, to over 1000 new business ideas. The results are clear; successful new ideas rate high on the formulas used in this app. Put simply, if your new business concepts score well (4 or 5 stars out of 5, on all dimensions), you have a good chance of performing well. If they score low, the software prompts you to focus on improving the areas of weakness.

What is the overall value of the app?

Anyone with experience of entrepreneurial work knows most ideas just aren't destined for success. We've all had less-than-brilliant ideas and, worse, most of us have invested time, cash and effort in trying to create businesses based on those ideas. Velosus is simply a tool to give you early warning of bad ideas and an invaluable heads-up on the potentially-brilliant concepts. Moreover, self-employment and entrepreneurial work have been clearly linked to life-satisfaction and happiness. The fact is, more people probably should start new businesses. But we all know the abysmal statistics on long-term success rates. Anything to improve business performance is welcome.

How long will it take to use?

You can enter the data on your ideas in less than 2 minutes. You then get an instant rating of your ideas, and feedback. You will be able to absorb all the basic feedback within a few minutes. You can, if you wish, change your data inputs and track the effects on your idea-ratings.

Capturas de la App

Business Plan IQ Test: Velosus
Business Plan IQ Test: Velosus
Business Plan IQ Test: Velosus
Business Plan IQ Test: Velosus
Business Plan IQ Test: Velosus
Business Plan IQ Test: Velosus


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