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Soda Safe of Data App Mobile

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SODA CryptoLab


Soda Safe of Data App Mobile is the Android (version 2.1 and above) application of Soda. With Soda Mobile, users can conveniently store and organize their photos and email attachments in encrypted form.

Securing files:
Protect private files from unauthorized access by intruders. Encrypted documents, photos and video files can be stored locally in the mobile devices or sent to any third-party cloud storage for sharing among user’s smartphones and computers.

Securing folders:
Create secure folders within the safe perimeter of Soda. Users can store and organize private files in Soda folders with annotation so as to support easy search of encrypted files. To each secure folder in Soda, users can also add a cover note which is also protected cryptographically. Ideal for protecting personal and confidential information associated with the folder. E.g. A secure folder for bank statements may have an encrypted cover note for secret e-banking passwords and ATM PINs.

Private address book:
Securely store the contact information of your friends and business associates. Protect your contact details from access by malwares which can look for unprotected address books and email messages in mobile devices.

Secure file exchange:
For users of the Premium version, Soda secures files that you intend to exchange with other Soda users via emails, Bluetooth and the cloud. Protected files can only be opened and read by the intended recipients you have selected.

Capturas de la App

Soda Safe of Data App Mobile
Soda Safe of Data App Mobile
Soda Safe of Data App Mobile
Soda Safe of Data App Mobile
Soda Safe of Data App Mobile
Soda Safe of Data App Mobile

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