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ATLAS.ti Mobile ATLAS.ti Mobile
1.04 gratis 0 ×
0 Evaluaciones
33 Evaluaciones
ATLAS.ti is a leading Qualitative Data Analysis (QDA) software for personal computers. ATLAS.ti Mobile for Android now offers an easy way to collect data in the field. Start basic (...)
MiraNote(Memo,D-Day,Widget) MiraNote(Memo,D-Day,Widget)
1.2.1 gratis 0 ×
0 Evaluaciones
13 Evaluaciones
"MiraNote" is simple memo & easy notepad(memo, D-Day, sticky note, memo widget) App for android. You can make a note by yourself to use various tool( background color, font size, (...)
Phone Backup + Phone Backup +
YSR Technology
1.0 gratis 0 ×
0 Evaluaciones
37 Evaluaciones
Phone Backup + is the easiest backup for Android. Supporting all the Android devices. Backup (with schedule and Auto option) to SD card, Contacts,SMS and CallLog. Features: > (...)
すぐメモ すぐメモ
4.3.2 gratis 0 ×
0 Evaluaciones
38 Evaluaciones
思いついた時にサッと記録できるメモアプリです。 スワイプでタグを切り替えて表示できるので、目的のメモを素早く探せます! (...)
Password Notepad Password Notepad
Witoslaw Koczewski
1.3.0 gratis 0 ×
0 Evaluaciones
16 Evaluaciones
Stores passwords. * All passwords are encrypted with a master password. * Passowords stay on the device. * App does not communicate with the internet or with other apps. * App (...)
French for Magic Keyboard French for Magic Keyboard
Picomat Studios
1.02 gratis 0 ×
0 Evaluaciones
44 Evaluaciones
French for Magic Keyboard / Français pour Magic Keyboard This is a French language module for use with Magic Keyboard Free and Magic Keyboard Pro. It is not a standalone (...)
Be a Money Magnet Be a Money Magnet
SUGAR APPS - Stephanie peacocke
3.0.0 gratis 0 ×
0 Evaluaciones
40 Evaluaciones
Do you want more money? Rid yourself of the fear of lack of money? It is time to change the way you feel and interact with money and start attracting MONEY into your life using LAW (...)
eFaxの使い方―外出先で印刷方法など、eFaxアプリガイド eFaxの使い方―外出先で印刷方法など、eFaxアプリガイド
j2 Global Japan
1.1 gratis 0 ×
0 Evaluaciones
5 Evaluaciones
ファックスがアプリから送信可能なeFaxに登録したけど、何ができて何ができないか一目瞭然に分かる eFaxの使い方ガイドがAndroidでついに登場しました! ■eFaxアプリって? (...)
Content Browser Mobile Content Browser Mobile
Sony Corporation
1.4.0 gratis 0 ×
0 Evaluaciones
70 Evaluaciones
Content Browser Mobile is an application that allows you to use a smartphone, or tablet device to operate a Sony CBK-WA100/101 Wireless Adapter and Wi-Fi compatible professional (...)
Llamada Perdida+ (Alarma) Llamada Perdida+ (Alarma)
1.2.0 gratis 0 ×
0 Evaluaciones
108 Evaluaciones
Do you often have missed calls that you didn't realized you had? No more checking the phone again and again for missed calls. Missed Call Alarm Whenever you have a missed call, a (...)
German Holidays Calendar German Holidays Calendar
1.1 gratis 0 ×
0 Evaluaciones
17 Evaluaciones
Sync all German holidays (federal, regions and school holidays) to your calendar application like Google Calendar in the blink of an eye and enjoy automatic updates. Typing is history! (...)
Remote Widget for SmartWatch2 Remote Widget for SmartWatch2
NeFa Studio
2.13 USD 1,47
3 ×
0 Evaluaciones
183 Evaluaciones
NOTE:You need Sony SmartWatch2 device to use this software. See Smartwatch2 FAQ and Troubleshooting page for your info: http://programresource.net/en/2014/03/26/2452.html (...)
Nepali Keyboard Nepali Keyboard
1.0 gratis 0 ×
0 Evaluaciones
65 Evaluaciones
Nepali Keyboard is a great app for Nepali Typing This keyboard comes with Predictive Text in Nepali You can write directly in Nepalis in any of the applications like 1. Facebook Status (...)
Swipeback for HTC One Swipeback for HTC One
Alchemy Team
1.0 gratis 0 ×
0 Evaluaciones
30 Evaluaciones
Swipeback is s simple yet powerful tool for power users and multitaskers. It provides a fast and intuitive way to switch between applications: swipe up from the HTC logo to switch to the (...)
Mohr's Circle Mohr's Circle
Luca Sepe
1.6 gratis 0 ×
0 Evaluaciones
15 Evaluaciones
Interactively draw 2D Plane Stress Mohr's Circle with your Android device quickly and easily. The interactive Mohr's Circle Diagram will show you: - Principal Stress planes, angle and (...)
Ghugni Ghugni
1.1 gratis 0 ×
0 Evaluaciones
23 Evaluaciones
Es posible que no tenga que volver a escribir una dirección de su sitio favorito. Ghugni proporciona un collage de los principales sitios web líderes en un solo lugar, que reúne 50 de las (...)
Color Agent Lite Color Agent Lite
Y's Flower
1.3.1 gratis 0 ×
0 Evaluaciones
4 Evaluaciones
Let's make the combination of a favorite color using color cards! The worried color is got with a camera! An inspiration is produced while making the color. The color of personal (...)
Bimba Pneumatic Toolbox Bimba Pneumatic Toolbox
1.2.0 gratis 0 ×
0 Evaluaciones
11 Evaluaciones
Designed for engineers and professionals in the fluid power industry, the Bimba Pneumatic Toolbox delivers an array of essential tools. >Use the Cv calculator to size the correct air (...)
Notificaciones Electrónicas Notificaciones Electrónicas
1.0 gratis 0 ×
0 Evaluaciones
39 Evaluaciones
Correos pone a tu disposición un canal de entrega seguro, confidencial y privado para las Notificaciones y las Comunicaciones oficiales de las administraciones públicas. (...)
Alzira al Mòbil Alzira al Mòbil
Qver Soluciones Informáticas
1.05 gratis 0 ×
0 Evaluaciones
25 Evaluaciones
Versió per a dispositius mòbils amb sistema operatiu Android de l'aplicació de l'Ajuntament d'Alzira. Incorpora entre altres, els serveis d'Agenda, Notícies, Xarxes Socials, Incidències (...)
Battery Save Easy Battery Save Easy
1.0 gratis 0 ×
0 Evaluaciones
19 Evaluaciones
Battery life is one of the biggest issues in the Android world today. However, many of the features available on Android devices can cause batteries to become drained very quickly. Are (...)
계산기(학생용) 계산기(학생용)
1.2.0 gratis 0 ×
0 Evaluaciones
40 Evaluaciones
※ 계산기(학생용) - Math Calculator for student 일반 계산기와 다른 계산기입니다 . 학생들을 위한 계산기입니다. 결과가 소수가 아닌 분수로 나올 수 있도록 했습니다. 꼴보기 싫은 광고를 빼놨습니다 (못넣는거일수도......?) (...)
www.lunchtime.lu www.lunchtime.lu
Lunchtime S.àr.l.
1.0.3 gratis 0 ×
0 Evaluaciones
10 Evaluaciones
Lunchtime.lu est la solution de la restauration professionnelle à Luxembourg. Choisissez parmi plus de 100 produits FAITS MAISON. Tous nos ingrédients sont sélectionnés avec soin (...)
Lousa Magic App Lousa Magic App
1.8 gratis 0 ×
0 Evaluaciones
34 Evaluaciones
Or brinquedo clássico agora no seu Smartphone. Magic Com Lousa crie seus desenhos wk suas sujar mãos, é muito simple bem more effective and fun. - Demonstrate or pseudo (...)
Filmotech v2 Filmotech v2
1.76 gratis 1 ×
0 Evaluaciones
61 Evaluaciones
Filmotech pour Android est le compagnon de Filmotech Mac/PC. Il permet d'avoir toujours dans la poche votre base de données. Pour l'utiliser, préparez votre base à l'aide de l'option (...)
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