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Auto Process Killer - OS 2.0+ Auto Process Killer - OS 2.0+
1.9 USD 0,93
0 ×
0 Evaluaciones
38 Evaluaciones
-Screen Lock Kill -Updated One Click Kill Widget -Added Notifications Keep your android device free of memory hogs by setting an interval and letting the application free up memory (...)
NFC Time Tracking NFC Time Tracking
Pascal Welsch
1.0.2 gratis 1 ×
0 Evaluaciones
5 Evaluaciones
Track your working time with nfc tags and get rid of your time card. ______________________ This App is created by a student research by Hewlett-Packard and User Interface (...)
Random Random
Ayush Subedi
2.0 gratis 0 ×
0 Evaluaciones
14 Evaluaciones
Depending on whether or not the device is connected to the internet, Random generates Pseudo random and Real Random (using Random.org) numbers. Users can simulate a die roll, (...)
AFK Matchmaking: DOTA2 (Free) AFK Matchmaking: DOTA2 (Free)
It's Alive
1.04 gratis 0 ×
0 Evaluaciones
30 Evaluaciones
This is an UNOFFICIAL companion app for DOTA2. This is the free (ad supported) version of app which enables you to accept a matchmaking queue from Dota 2, from the (...)
Stupid Phonecalls Blocker Stupid Phonecalls Blocker
Otávio Massard Mendes
2.2.0 USD 1,00
1 ×
0 Evaluaciones
105 Evaluaciones
Do you have an ex boyfriend/girlfriend which you don't want to call when you are drunk? Or maybe you don't want to receive phone calls or SMS from him/her? An annoying person who (...)
WSTrust - instant SSO solution WSTrust - instant SSO solution
1.0.15 gratis 0 ×
0 Evaluaciones
5 Evaluaciones
About WSTrust - instant SSO solution Daily and often repeated authentication into many information systems bothers users and causes considerable financial losses. The need to (...)
16 gratis 0 ×
0 Evaluaciones
14 Evaluaciones
This is Good News Translation Bible. Carry the word of God everywhere you go in your mobile device -Totally offline, no internet connection required. -A simple, powerful design that (...)
Unit Converter-Free Unit Converter-Free
1.0 gratis 0 ×
0 Evaluaciones
9 Evaluaciones
A trouble-free, fast and simple to use unit converter that supports the multi-unit conversion! Convert from known to unknown unit and vice versa on your Android device. Available range (...)
The Pet Keyboard Demo The Pet Keyboard Demo
Matthias Müller-Fischer
2.1 gratis 0 ×
0 Evaluaciones
10 Evaluaciones
This is the free Pet Keyboard demo version! This version expires on Feb. 28 2015 but has the full functionality. Installation hint: After the download go to the Android settings and (...)
Interceptor Interceptor
Squario Labs
2.0 gratis 0 ×
0 Evaluaciones
21 Evaluaciones
Interceptor makes URL sharing easy. When you click a link on a social network, within a message, or anywhere else simply tap Share URL when the "Complete action using" screen (...)
Recycle Me! Recycle Me!
JJAS Company
2.3 gratis 0 ×
0 Evaluaciones
8 Evaluaciones
A simple application that calculates how much money you can earn based on the national average of price/pound of aluminum scrap metal cans to be recycled. This app is to give you a (...)
南陽實業管理行動秘書 南陽實業管理行動秘書
2.0 gratis 0 ×
0 Evaluaciones
7 Evaluaciones
Notifications+ Key Notifications+ Key
Björn Vermeule
1.0.4 USD 2,31
2 ×
0 Evaluaciones
86 Evaluaciones
Unlocks all Notifications+ features, supports further development and helps me cover server costs. Thanks! Notifications+ sends notifications from your Android device to your (...)
Time Sheet Time Sheet
1.0 gratis 0 ×
0 Evaluaciones
7 Evaluaciones
Time Sheet offers companies a simple and easy way to keep track of the time-in and time-out of their employees. Features include add/remove employee, view history and lets (...)
Celcost-Costos de Construcción Celcost-Costos de Construcción
0.5 gratis 0 ×
0 Evaluaciones
23 Evaluaciones
Es la primera aplicación Boliviana para celulares en el rubro de la construcción, que te ayudara a calcular los costos de tu construcción. Consiste en el manejo de precios de Materiales (...)
Routine timer - ( interval ) Routine timer - ( interval )
el cheikh
0.8 gratis 0 ×
0 Evaluaciones
17 Evaluaciones
routines timer is a interval timer for all kind of activities which you can use a sequence of timers. for training workout,Tabata, cooking , running and many activity. it is simple to use just (...)
DND - Call Blocker DND - Call Blocker
Imagine and Innovate Technologies
1.0 gratis 0 ×
0 Evaluaciones
9 Evaluaciones
A FREE Call Blocking app which lets you block unwanted calls. -> You can select phone numbers from your contacts which is pre sorted alphabetically. -> You can select phone (...)
Encryptr Encryptr
Tommy-Carlos Williams
1.0.1 gratis 0 ×
0 Evaluaciones
28 Evaluaciones
Encryptr is simple and easy to use. It stores your sensitive data — like passwords, credit card data, PINs, or access codes — in the cloud. However, because it was built on the (...)
Calendar Mute Calendar Mute
1.2.0 gratis 1 ×
0 Evaluaciones
48 Evaluaciones
Tired of your phone ringing when you are at a meeting or in class ? Are those saved in your phone's agenda ? Then this app is for you ! Calendar Mute can put your phone to silent or (...)
Assistência Técnica Agrícola Assistência Técnica Agrícola
Veere Tecnologia
v1.1.1 gratis 0 ×
0 Evaluaciones
7 Evaluaciones
◆ SOBRE O PRODUTO Criado para apoiar cooperativas agrícolas, consultorias agronômicas, instituições financeiras/seguradoras ligadas ao agronegócio e produtores agrícolas em (...)
Power Calci Power Calci
1.0 gratis 0 ×
0 Evaluaciones
7 Evaluaciones
1. Instant Calculation of Current,Active Power,Reactive Power,Horse Power,Apparent Power based on Voltage and Power Factor. 2. Performs for both Single Phase and Three Phase
音量控制 - 桌面小部件 音量控制 - 桌面小部件
1.0 gratis 0 ×
0 Evaluaciones
19 Evaluaciones
音量控制桌面小部件是联图“手机铃声”内部版本抽离出来的一件作品。非常方便的小玩意儿。可以在桌面控制各种音量的大小,有单击和滑动条两种模式选择。原生的谷歌Holo风格,简单直接,没有添加任何无关修饰。某些深度定制的Android (...)
Rubrica GO Rubrica GO
Gestionale Open
3.0.0 gratis 0 ×
0 Evaluaciones
9 Evaluaciones
Rubrica Gestionale Open Richiedi a Gestionale Open l'applicativo da installare sul tuo server di GO e potrai consultare la rubrica nominativi, clienti e fornitori di Gestionale Open dal tuo (...)
Simple Deadlines Simple Deadlines
Casimir Lab
3.2.0 gratis 0 ×
0 Evaluaciones
28 Evaluaciones
A simple and easily readable deadline manager. Some red for urgent tasks and blue for those you can forget for now. A daily notification allows you to organize your day. Its conception (...)
Lightweight Password Manager Lightweight Password Manager
bhupinder jai mata di
1.2 gratis 0 ×
0 Evaluaciones
7 Evaluaciones
# Do you register lots of accounts over web every day and forget username,passwords? # Having more than one email accounts (on gmail, yahoo etc.) and usually these details slip (...)
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