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TOP Android Apps - Herramientas

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App Organizer App Organizer
Magnus Woxblom
1.05 gratis 0 ×
0 Evaluaciones
66 Evaluaciones
The app organizer helps you keep all your downloaded apps in order and makes it easy to find and launch the app you want. Main features: Labels Tag your apps with different labels (...)
LED Studio Clock + LED Studio Clock +
1.23 gratis 2 ×
0 Evaluaciones
299 Evaluaciones
A simple LED Studio Clock. This is the Plus version of the popular "LED Studio Clock". It offers more features (see below in the text) and is optimized for Android 3.0 (HC) or higher (...)
InfoCosti Tre InfoCosti Tre
4.25 gratis 2 ×
0 Evaluaciones
3.910 Evaluaciones
InfoCosti Tre è una utility per controllare tutto quello che gira attorno all'operatore H3G: InfoCosti, E' un tre? e Grande Cinema 3! InfoCosti Due modalità di funzionamento: Portale3 e (...)
intelliPilot - Pilot LogBook intelliPilot - Pilot LogBook
0.7.0 gratis 6 ×
1 Evaluación
447 Evaluaciones
v0.7.0 Beta (Android 1.6+) This is beta software. The final paid version is expected to cost ~$15. Your data will not be lost when you upgrade to the paid version. First Android Aviation (...)
Graffiti Battery Meter [Widget Graffiti Battery Meter [Widget
Tomoyuki Ono
2.5.2 gratis 0 ×
0 Evaluaciones
330 Evaluaciones
<> This is a battery checker widget, such as graffiti painted by freehand on your home screen. Of course, every time redraw, will be completely different graffiti. * This app is the (...)
System Tuner Pro System Tuner Pro
3.0.5 EUR 4,99
39 ×
17 Evaluaciones
1.799 Evaluaciones
Before you buy this app, please try free version: http://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ccc71.pmw and check Android Tuner: http://www.3c71.com/at A system suite to monitor (...)
Piraten Karte Piraten Karte
Florian Sundermann
1.3.0 gratis 2 ×
0 Evaluaciones
121 Evaluaciones
Plakate der Piraten Partei. Bei Problemen schickt mir bitte eine EMail!
Password Locker Password Locker
KN Inc.
1.3 gratis 0 ×
0 Evaluaciones
124 Evaluaciones
Simple application to store passwords using AES encrypted database. You can also Export/Import database. NOTE: Internet access is only needed for Ads.
AirDroid AirDroid
2.1.0 gratis 1.090 ×
24 Evaluaciones
307.030 Evaluaciones
Gestiona tus dispositivos Android por internet a distancia. - No requiere cables USB. - No requiere instalar ningún controlador. - Misma red WiFi o internet. - Pura aplicación web, (...)
Google Pinyin Input Google Pinyin Input
Google Inc. gratis 20 ×
1 Evaluación
65.646 Evaluaciones
Gesture typing for Chinese is available now! The Google Pinyin Input is an input method optimized for typing Chinese on Android. The app offers a variety of methods for fast and easy (...)
CM Security Heartbleed Scanner CM Security Heartbleed Scanner
KS Mobile Inc.
1.0.4 gratis 1 ×
0 Evaluaciones
15.940 Evaluaciones
CM Security OpenSSL Heartbleed Scanner: Professional detector developed by CM Security, the world's most trusted Android antivirus (over 20,000,000 downloads and 4.7 top (...)
Cydia For Android Cydia For Android
Fabio Widmer
4.1-1 gratis 23 ×
0 Evaluaciones
458 Evaluaciones
######### Cydia ########## With this app you can download thousands of useful programs. You can chop InAppPurchases or download free apps. This app allows you full access (...)
Process Monitor Widget Pro Process Monitor Widget Pro
1.0.7 EUR 1,99
0 ×
0 Evaluaciones
2 Evaluaciones
Before you buy this app, please try free version: http://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ccc71.pmw2 and check Android Tuner: http://www.3c71.com/at A comprehensive task (...)
App Eater (Uninstaller) App Eater (Uninstaller)
Sufficiently Advanced Apps
1.1.1 gratis 0 ×
0 Evaluaciones
453 Evaluaciones
App Eater (Uninstaller) is a highly functional app uninstaller with incredibly useful home screen widgets! Using the widgets, you can uninstall the following without even entering the (...)
Notiwatch for Pebble Notiwatch for Pebble
Jan Gruncl
1.1.3 EUR 1,99
0 ×
0 Evaluaciones
4 Evaluaciones
No more reaching for your phone, no more wandering around Pebble application menus. Have your recent notifications shown directly on your watchface at all times. Wanna see (...)
Secrecy -Encrypt Files (alpha) Secrecy -Encrypt Files (alpha)
Matthew Kwan
alpha-0.7 gratis 0 ×
0 Evaluaciones
101 Evaluaciones
Secrecy is where you can safely put your files without worrying that others will see it... They just can't. Featured on XDA-Developers Portal: (...)
SuperVPN Free VPN Client SuperVPN Free VPN Client
Jinrong Zheng
1.2.0 gratis 1 ×
0 Evaluaciones
5.010 Evaluaciones
Direct download link: SuperVPN, total free VPN client. Easy to use, one click to connecting VPN. Unlimited bandwidth and unlimited free trial (...)
BusyBox X+ BusyBox X+
Robert Nediyakalaparambil [root]
X+ 28 EUR 6,62
1 ×
0 Evaluaciones
102 Evaluaciones
The definitive busybox binary installer for Phones, Tablets and TV's BusyBox combines many essential and standard Unix tools into a single compact binary suitable for embedded (...)
IP Widget IP Widget
Dieter Thiess
1.20.3 gratis 9 ×
1 Evaluación
904 Evaluaciones
Want to translate IP Widget into your language? Contact me:dieter.thiess@gmail.com Simple IP Widget showing the mobile carrier name and ip or the wireless lan SSID and wireless (...)
Epson iPrint Epson iPrint
Seiko Epson Corporation
4.0.4 gratis 180 ×
5 Evaluaciones
25.414 Evaluaciones
Imprime en cualquier momento y lugar en impresoras Epson desde tu teléfono o tablet Android. Imprime fotos, páginas web y archivos de Microsoft® Word, Excel®,*1, así como (...)
SS7 Point Code Converter SS7 Point Code Converter
Jon White
1.61 gratis 1 ×
0 Evaluaciones
21 Evaluaciones
SS7 Point Code Converter is a freeware application that converts SS7 Point codes between Decimal, Hex and Dashed D-D-D notation. The tool supports 24 bit ANSI point codes in the (...)
Easy Rotation Easy Rotation
Cyber Fox Lab.
1.1.4 gratis 0 ×
0 Evaluaciones
159 Evaluaciones
Have you ever wanted to change the accelerometer rotation while browsing the web? This problem is easily solve by EasyRotation. EasyRotation is the notification area (the status bar) (...)
mostrar la información mostrar la información
1.2 gratis 0 ×
0 Evaluaciones
6 Evaluaciones
Muestra los parámetros de configuración de la pantalla para los dispositivos Android. Usted puede obtener información detallada como: - Nombre del dispositivo - Versión de Android - (...)
Home24 Home24
Maik B.
2.24 gratis 26 ×
0 Evaluaciones
127 Evaluaciones
Verwandeln Sie Ihr Android Smartphone, mit der kostenlosen Applikation, in eine funktionsreiche HomeMatic Universalfernbedienung. Home24 spricht direkt über die (...)
Sonómetro - Sound Meter Sonómetro - Sound Meter
Smart Tools co.
1.5.8 gratis 676 ×
15 Evaluaciones
106.590 Evaluaciones
Sound Level Meter es la parte 4 del paquete Smart Tools (ruido). El medidor de nivel de sonido utiliza el micrófono del teléfono para medir el nivel de ruido en decibelios(dB) (...)
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